Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Summer Folk edition

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Perhaps its the summer, or all the tripping, or just the fact that however much hit em over the head hiphop i grew up on i have sincere love for folk music..peacefull, calm, weird all the things i value.This is a collection of a small portion of my favorites. Now like five of these songs are from Andy Votels "folk is not a four letter word" comp, ( which i highly suggest you get) but regardless they are what im listening to at this moment and thats how these mixes work..Thanks Andy..

Sleptember #17
The Summer Folk music edition..july 2011

-Intro- Carol Batton ????
"Its taking so long"- Kathy Smith 1971
"Welfare City" - Eugene McDaniels 1970
"My Aunt Edna" - Bonnie Koloc 1976
"Wigwam" - Klays ????
"You Used To think"- Erica Pomerance 1969
"Get thy Bearings"- Donovan 1968
"Man on Box" - Audience 1969
LSD intro- Edan 2005
"Nous Sommes"- Les Lounours ????
"Hey Jude" Overton Berry Trio ????
"It's Love " Sarofeen & Smoke 1970
"Hey Jude Outro" Yuseff Lateff/beatles 1970

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