Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unreleased Beat tape ( 2006 )

Here's a beat tape i made while living in Jersey City back in 2006. There no work beats meaning there mostly one take loops i sampled from beats. In a couple cases i changed em up or extended them, ( the kanye heard em say, and my anti jersey queen laifah colab )
Made completely with the SP 202 pause / recorded to tape, then years later found and transfered to mp3.

Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Missing Editions "Sleptembers # 3" + Xmas special

I have no idea why i never made this one public? i'm digging it though.. I think i made it in the fall of 2009, which seem like years ago..( Imagine my mixes from 1993, i don't know how i keep it all straight)Regardless now you have something new to listen to on your xmas travels..
let me work on getting vols 1 + 2 up here then were all caught up to date.

Free Download

Sleptembers #3 nov 2009

"Instramental" - Tucka da hunterman" 1995
"Edan intro" - EDAN" 2005
"Butta Love" - World Renown 1995?
"Pen and a Pad" Thrust .feat frankenstein 1998
"Go Home Pigs" - Ronald Stein 1961
"all for the money" MC Eight 1994
"Passing me by" (remix) instra Pharcyde 199?
"Walter L" Jimmy Gordon ?????
"Behind Bars" Slick Rick 1995
"Stay Gold" Green House Effect 1998
"I See Colors" EDAN 2005
"Love Comes and Goes" Ed og & the bulldogs 1993

Plus a one time xmas playlist just enjoy
Free Download