Friday, April 8, 2011

Sleptembers # 14

My Head was a mess, my room was mess, my records were a mess...this mix is a mess..

(thanks to bobby, and kmen for the 2 cuts)

Sleptembers # 14
Winter 2011

“Shaolin Style” (instra) -Shyheim 1997
“Airport Love Theme” -Waldir Calmon ????
“Jazzmatazz tribute” -Jay Electronica 2010
How Many MC’s (instra) -BlackMoon 1994
“I don’t play piano” -Money Mark 1998
“Time to break down” -Supremes 1970
“The Man Who invented himself – Robyn Hitchcock 1981
“Happiness is a warm gun -Bobby Bryant 1969
intermission -Sleptembers
“Lower the Boom” -Artifacts 1994

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